V60 pour over - a coffee geeks guide

Adore the pour!

Adore the pour!

The V60 Pour over is great way of experiencing the more subtle flavours that can be extracted from our Premium Origin coffees. Essentially it is a filter style coffee but because of the nature of the process, it releases inherent gasses, which in turn make for a cleaner taste and allow you to enjoy the more subtle tones in the cup. So here is a bit of a geeks guide to the V60 experience...

Equipment list:

Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper 02-Medium (comes with plastic coffee measuring scoop)

Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filters 02-Medium

Hario V60 Glass carafe

Hario V60 Drip Station (stand)

Hario V60 Drip Scale

Hario Buono Coffee Drip Kettle

Burr grinder

Perk and Pearl Premium Origin Beans (of course!)

Brewing steps for the Hario V60 Pour Over Station:

1. Place the stand on the scales. Put the dripper on the stand and position the carafe under the stand.

2. Pre-rinse the paper filter whith boiling water, whilst it is in the dripper. This will aid the extraction and also serves to warm up your dripper and carafe. Discard this water from the carafe below.

3. Grind fresh whole bean Perk and Pearl coffee on a fine grind setting. Particle consistency is very important for a nice even extraction so use a burr grinder. Check out or grind guide for more information.

4. Re-set the weight on the scales to zero for the completed set up of the brew station. Add two level Hario measuring scoops of coffee into the pre-moistened filter (this equals about 24 grams of coffee). Depending on your coffee and taste preference you may like to experiment with this dosage. Re-set the weight again on the scales to zero.

5. Add about 50 grams of water just to evenly moisten the grounds. Depending on the coffee varietal you select, the water temperature needs to be around 97 Celsius for proper extraction. A variable temperature goose-neck kettle makes this step easier. The precision offered by the goose-neck is almost mandatory to get the water to the right location.

6. Once you have covered the coffee with the hot water, stop and pause. Take a deep breath. Inhale the aroma. This is the beginning of your coffee Zen moment!

7. Begin the pour, start in the center and in small concentric circles, work your way out but not to the point of watering around the edges. Very slowly and deliberately - continue the pour until the scales reads a total of 390 grams of water added.

You should notice that as you slowly pour over, the coffee rises like a small muffin top. This is called the bloom. Roasted coffee creates Carbon Dioxide (Co2) and this reaction is from those gases being released. I commend you if this happens as this means you have the right pour action and are using freshly roasted/ground coffee. The release of the Co2 is how you create clarity of taste in the coffee.

8. Depending on the darkness of the roast, this whole process should take you about four minutes, or less if a darker roast is used. The key however is not to rush it, all good things come to those who wait. It is also wonderful way of de-stressing because for those few moments whilst you pour, you are fully concentrating on the one thing that matters, making an amazing cup of coffee.

TOP TIP: If you do not have scales, you can slowly add 12-14 ounces of water using a measuring jug with a good pour spout.

With this method, the right equipment makes it very easy for anyone to prepare. Due to the initial costs, the precise measurements used and the small yield produced, it may not be everyone’s first choice brew method. However, if taste is your main concern, then a Hario V60 is one to add to your arsenal of coffee accouterments.