India Monsoon

India Monsoon


Indian Monsoon coffee is a market name for high-quality wet processed  coffees from the southern region in the state of Karnataka. The coffee has a subtle, rich flavour which is complemented by a medium to full body and distinct acidity. This delightful Monsoon coffee is left out in large, open-roof silos or in open warehouses during the monsoon season to be exposed to the moisture-laden winds. This "monsooning" of these coffee beans may continue for as long as three years and results in a strengthening of the coffee’s sweetness. This process also often creates an intense woody and loamy sensations – and a weakening of the acidity.

Tasting notes: Cardamom - Nutmeg - Tropical fruit.

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Region: NKarnataka
Variety: Catuai & Kent
Altitude: 1490 masl
Processing: Fully Washed